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Landlord wants access but husband works nights & sleeps during the day. Advice please.

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We’ve been renting our flat for 3 years & are leaving in February. The landlord has been pretty useless with repairs, damp, broken in garage etc. Think I’ve only met him twice! 

Since giving notice the property has been advertised & viewings booked. My husband works nights therefore sleeps during the day. The landlord was aware of this when we moved in. My husband has been getting up in the middle of the day for viewings for the last 2 weeks. Now the lack of sleep is getting to him. The estate agents are struggling to rent it due to damp issues which we have been complaining about every winter. The landlord has visited twice in the last week to look at the damp. He now wants to do work on it tomorrow at 9:30am. I’ve told him it’s to early my husband won’t get any sleep. I’ve said after 2pm during the week or anytime Friday or Saturday but the landlord said no. I even offered to leave the property a week early but still pay full rent & he do all work when we’re gone. He said no. 

He said if we refuse entry to property tomorrow he will charge us for his costs. 

Are we being unreasonable with asking for specific times? Do we have any rights? 

Thanks in advance

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Are we being unreasonable with asking for specific times? – No. You’re actually being quite reasonable, given your husband’s working time. 

The landlord absolutely can’t bill you for the costs as you’ve provided them with an opportunity to do the work, but they aren’t willing to reschedule. 

As tenants, you have the right to not be disturbed in your home. Any visit should follow at least 24h notice and has to happen at normal hours of the day. Given that your husband is sleeping during the mornings and until noon, it’s not normal to do repair work before that. 

You should stand by your position. If the landlord want’s to discount anything from the deposit, you have to use the ADR. Make sure you read enough information to be prepared for the ADR process. 

Here are some links regarding landlord access and deposits:


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