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Landlord wants access to make repairs for next tenant in my tenancy

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I am vacating my property on Monday 26th June. My landlord wants to come in on Sunday 25th to do jobs in preparation for next tenants as she wants them moving in as soon as I am gone so that she doesn’t lose out financially.

Her argument is that she works fulltime so after I am gone doesn’t suit her (note my lease actually expires on 28th. It suits me to check out 2 days earlier).

My argument is that I need the weekend to carry out a full clean. She wants to install a new dishwasher which means that the water will be turned off for a time. She also wants to carry out other repairs such as painting that were there when I moved in. I told her the dishwasher had died a month ago but she wants to wait to replace for new tenants.

End of tenancy cleaning is intense and tiring and I think it’s unfair that she wants to be there prepping for next tenants so that she doesn’t lose a few days rental.

My deposit may be compromised if I can’t clean properly and I don’t want to be tripping over her during this clean up.

Can anybody advise?


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Just deny their visit. You’re being kind enough to move out 2 days early and responsible enough to spend the entire weekend cleaning and preparing the property for the next tenants. 

The landlady is being really cheeky to go as far as pushing the repair works while you’re still in the property. 

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