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Landlord wants deductions but wont provide costs

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Prior to us leaving the property from hell, see previous posts, the landlord decided to send someone round to cut back the hedges around the proprty.  This was done without us requesting it and was in no way arranged with us.   The person basically truned up with a chain saw and cut the 10ft hedges whihc formed the private garden boundry down to about 5ft.  They then left all the cuttings on the front lawn which i dont think have yet been cleared.

He has now decided that he wants us to pay towards the cost out of our deposit and i dont think that is in any way a fair request and dont see why we shood beliable for costs that he chose to incur woithout our agreement.

This is on top of the items that he never bothered to fix in the year that we lived there incuding drafty windowsd, damp and dodgy wiring.  The property now has an enviromental work order on it from the local council but he still seems to be finding ways to be a total jackass.

We moved out on the 22nd Jan and the checkout survey was done 23rd Jan.  The agents sent us a form to sign agreeing to costs but never detialed any so im not signing a blank form.  I have asked them to provide this breakdown and they say they are waiyting for the landlord.   

As of yet I have not heard from the landlord. I have been chasing this, however I have had no response.

Unfortunately without the landlords authorisation I can not release the security deposit.

I do appreciate your frustration however, My hands are tied until I have a response from the landlord.

How long should we have to wait before we can reasonably expect the deposit to be returned?   Based on past experience he simply ignores communication so i dont want this to drag on for months as they have £950 of my money.

If he went ahead with works then surely we need to have approval on costs prior to that so that the cost is fair?

The deposit was registered so is protected but obviously does me no good sat in someone elses account.

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You can send them a letter back and tell them that if they don’t get you an answer from the landlord by X date, you will initiate the dispute procedure at the scheme where your deposit is protected. 

Also, in the same letter, ask for the detail of the scheme in full. 

Please, download our free guide – Getting your deposit back; Negotiating disputes and using the ADR – which details exactly how to negotiate for your deposit and how to prepare for using of the ADR, provided by the scheme. 


I assume he cant simple start jobs, such as hedge cutting, without confirmation of the costs.  It seems he wants to do jobs and then get quotes after which seems to be a strange way round especially if those quotes are legitimate.


Also i guess he canty expect me to pay for something that isnt under the rental agreement.  We were supposed to keep the garden tidy, whihc we did, and he has now decimated it so i dont see why we shoud be liable for major changes.



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