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Landlord wants us to sign new contract after 2 years

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I’ve been living in my currently place for 2 years after an initial 6 month contract. My landlord has recently separated from his wife and want us to sign a new contract which is in his name only for ‘mortgage purposes’. I don’t have a problem with this in itself.

The problem is he wants us to sign a 6 month contract. I don’t want to tie myself in to another 6 months, while I have definate plans to move it’s something I’m thinking about.

He pre-empted my concerns by saying ‘My aim is not to tie you in for 6 months it is merely to get my mortgage transfered to me. I wouldn’t financially hold you to 6 months if you wanted to leave before that – as long as I had the required notice before departure’.

I ask if he could put that in the contract. He said ‘That won’t be possible as they are standard contracts’. He did however say he would look in to options for a shorter period so we don’t feel committed. I’d probably be fine with a 3 month contract, I’m unlikely to move before christmas.

This convosation was all in text messages by the way so I have it in writing.

My question is, can I take him at his word that he wont hold us to 6 months? I understand that if both parties agree a fixed term contract can be ended early. Does his text message, before a contract is even signed, constitue written agreement if I say want to end the contract early 3 months from now?

Thanks in advance for your help

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Hi James

No, don’t take the landlord at his word. If you sign a 6 month contract then you are bound to pay rent for 6 months unless the landlord agrees to release you. If things change for the landlord and he needs the money and decides not to release you then the text messages won’t help.

If you really don’t want to commit to 6 months then ask for the 3 month contract. After that you could continue on a periodic basis and, as the landlord wouldn’t have the argument about the mortgage, there would be no reason not to.


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