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landlord withheld my deposit with DPS

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The deposit of £1040 is protected with the DPS. We have left the property in a very good state with new carpets fitted on stairs and landing which is bettee than original carpet. We spent a week making the house in an excellent state and took photos of everything before we left And dropped the keys off at the letting agents. 

We were given photos of the jpuse when we moved in so to make sure all photos matched ours Which they did in fact ours look cleaner.

We do not know why the landlord is disputing deposit back, he just says there is a door casing smashed but we know for a fact there wasn’t.  He wont talk to us and says to apeak to letting agents about the damage. We have made appt to look at it this Friday but when we went to pick up post at the property they were in middle of decorating so we may have no proof of actual damage. What if the landlord caused some damage, took pictures then got his work men to cover up. 

The letting agents are very friendly with the landlord so perhaps it be our word against his.  

Do u think hes trying it on? I just know for a fact that Ieft that property in excellent state,  I wouldnt of put new carpets in and left extras in oherwise. 

Can someone give advise sorry for rambling on abit im new to all this. 


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In this situation, it’s best to submit a dispute with the DPS and let them decide how the seposit is dealt with.  If you have photographic proof of the property when you left you should be in a strong position.  Make a point that the landlord has not allowed you to view a check out inventory and has been obstructive in settling the dispute.

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