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Landlord wont complete repairs

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We moved into a property in January and at the time of the initial walk through we noted several items that needed attention.  This included rotting window sills, signs of damp damage, general repair issues etc.   At the time the agent (big high street firm) said they would all be addressed and not to worry.


It took until the middle of June for the landlord to even attend the property and at that time the issues were all written down again.


So we jump on 6+ months from the initial move in date and the items are still not fixed. They did send a carpenter round this weekend (9 months after reporting issues) to fix the front door sticking and he broke the lock so we haven’t had a working front door all weekend.   The remaining items are still not fixed such as the shower in the main bath room only dribbling due to no pressure and the other bathroom having the shower lights constantly on.  The damp issue still does not seem to be resolved as we see what looks like a white dusty mold on some furniture and black mold round the windows and the rooms have an unusual slightly sweet smell in the mornings.


These issues are being reported to the agents who to be honest don’t seem to do anything and i wouldn’t suggest they handle Your Move.


Obviously once you are in a property it’s difficult to find something new and there is the additional costs associated with moving that you don’t expect to have to pay out as you are paying rent every month.


What can i do to either get a reduction or refund until these items are resolved?   We have a bathroom shower  we have never used and a spare room the has signs of previous leaks that have not been decorated after being fixed and gaping windows which makes it unusable during the winter as it turns into an icebox.  This also means we are heating rooms simply for the heat to flow straight out the windows.


Do i need to get a legal representative to act for me as i don’t trust the agent? I have started the complaints process with them but i dont expect them to do anything quickly but need that in order to go to the ombudsman in future.


Any advice would be appreciated.

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Send your landlord / agent (whoever you report to) a final notice to get on with repairs. Tell them you’re going to the council with the full list of items, including having no working front door and no shower. 

If they don’t do anything still, contact your local council and ask for the Environmental Health department. Request an inspection of your home. 

The EH is there to enforce living standards in rented properties, among other things. They will give your landlord a notice forcing them to do repairs or suffer harsh fines. 

You can read about this in detail in the following links:


Well the threat of involving the enviromental health at least seemed to kick the agecy into motion however the plumber didnt have the authority to actually replace anything.   The boiler is totally shot and needs to be replaced so he is due back today to “measure up”.   This obviously does not equal fix or return heating so once again we are sat here at 5 degrees while the landlord happy takes the money.


I have submitted a formal complaint agaisnt the agency as well as having the issues refered to the enviromental health but none of that makes you feel any better while sitting here freezing your bits off.


Withholding rent seems to only action that works but obviously that puts you in a difficult situation so not a route i want to take.   I am thinking of offsetting hotel charges against the rent though as we cant be expected to remain in a house with no heating.


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