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Landlord Wont Do Anything

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Hi, firstly thank you for taking the time to read this.

Im currently having an issue with my landlord, ive lived in the property for 3 years and have tried to find somwhere else the only thing thats stopping me is the deposit side of things, Now for roughly about 2 and half years myself and 3 other flats have had issues with this 1 neighbour, who throughout the day is either arguing full blast or has music loud enough for a deaf person to hear, Now pretty much every night there is domestics between the two where it gets very physical, last night glass bottles were being thrown on the communal pathway shattering all over the place, and was left for myself to clean up, I get constant abuse from the pair of them despite helping her in a previous time she was assaulted, im treated like the bad one despite doing nothing wrong, I come in from long days at work and keep myself to myself and dont have music or anything playing that could disturb other people, They both dont work and drink 24/7, now the council issued him with a noise abaitment notice about 2 years ago and he never upheld it so went through council again and is still ongoing, I get accused of stalking them which is infuriating, my gas meter is around the side of the house, which leads onto his door so when i go to top up my gas he is around, and yet i get accused of stalking him, i cant even walk out to collect my post without being told im stalking, ive never had one complaint from any other tennant and get on really well with everyone but these to are just beyond belief, after a few very physical fights i kept phoning the police, ive given statements and provided footage from security camera of him assaulting her, but believe it or not nothing ever happens to him, he justs get told to stay away from her and all is forgiven, Now at the moment im off awaiting shoulder surgery and have been trying to rest in bed, i get very restless and find it hard to sleep, when i do manage to drift off its usally sods law, it kicks off between them leaving me then awake for the rest of the night, now here lies the problem, every tennant has expressed there problems with the landlord, who has told me on several occasions he will write a letter to him, then if it continues he will evict him, ive heard this so many times yet it continues to carry on and gets worse, ive explained to him and the police ive had death threats, now i dont take these lightly but as ex armed forces im one of those who will just brush it off and think worse stuff has happened, and my girlfriend is pretty tired of me taking that attitude but wen ive reported it to the police guess what? nothing happens hes just allowed to continue his life and cause agro, has anyone got any ideas what im to do, ive tried the landlord, ive tried the police, the council all of which are failing, is there somthing i can specifically say to the landlord as a tennant, have i got any rights regarding wanting to live peacefully, i know its a bit of a tough one ive even thought about writing a letter to the other tennant from hell expressing the issues but im not sure thats advised.

Please help me

Many thanks


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I have it written into my contracts about a neighbours rightss to quiet and to live without agravation from the  tenant.  This is a standard contract so should be in all contracts.  All I can say is that if I was in the same position I certainly would move heaven and earth to remove myself from that situation.  You could go see your doctor with stress and sleep deprivation problems and that along with the complaints made to the police should be enouigh to threaten the landlord with health related reason to sue due to his inaction of his neighboring tenant.  You could also bring in the noise complaints deparment to monitor these things but you will need to record these goings on for evidence.  Personally I would try to find myself a nicer neighborhood and use the deposit you originally paid to the landlord.  If you didnt pay one then I’m afraid you let yourself in for trouble.  No deposit means no real landlord interest in his property or tenants.  Low rent? That is all an indication of the same.  Hope your situation improves as no one should have to deal with bad neighbours on their own.



Hi Ben,


Sorry to hear you are having such an awful time with your neighbour.


Reading your post, one thought did occur, but I’m not sure if I have correctly understood the details you supplied.


Is it the case that a single landlord is renting all five flats? 1 to the problematic neighbour, and the other 4 to you and the others?


It sounds to me like you and your other neighbours that are affected by this one problem neighbour might be better off banding together, and tackling the issue collectively.


And if it is the case that a single landlord is renting all five flats… Then it sounds to me like that is where your leverage is.


If the landlord realises that he either gets rid of the problematic tenant, or he loses all four of the others, he is more likely to act than if he just risks losing one of you.


The landlord doesn’t necessarily have to go through an eviction process with the problem neighbour: he can just refuse to renew the tenancy, or issue the contractually required notice period if it is a rolling tenancy agreement.


Either way, it seems to me like you really do need to organise with the other tenants. Have meetings in your flats, or somewhere neutral like a pub or coffee shop. Figure out a plan of action that you can all work and stick together on.


It is ultimately our landlord who must take action… The Police aren’t going to get involved unless a serious crime is committed. And you and your neighbours should not be expected to be involved – actively or passively – with whatever domestic issues the problem neighbours have.


And on the note of writing to the problem tenants: I wouldn’t bother. It will probably cause more harm than good. They are clearly anti-social, so taken a socially respectable approach probably won’t get you anywhere.


Band together with your neighbours and pressure your landlord into taking action. And keep up the pressure until the action *IS* taken.


Good luck!



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