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Landlord won't repair buzzer

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The buzzer in our flat is not working and needs to be rewired which is an expensive job the ladnlord does not want to go ahead with.

We weren’t told the buzzer wasn’t working before we moved in, we found it out ourselves.

We live in a gated estate and everytime there is a guest security calls the flat to ask whether to allow guests or deliveries in and not having a functional buzzer/handset has proven to be a huge inconvenience.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? Is there anything I can point the landlord to to convince themt to get it fixed no matterthe cost?

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It’s the landlord’s responsibility to do repairs and maintenance. That is the law. 

However, given that the buzzer is not a critical part of the property, at least when compared to things like heating and hot water, etc, it’s going to be difficult to enforce that rule on the landlord. 

I suggest you look at some simpler battery powered wireless buzzers as a temporary replacement.

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