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Landlord's Furniture

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I’ve just signed a lease for a flat which, when I understood was unfurnished except for a double bed. When I visited it, the bed was brand new, so no problem. I paid a £1,000 holding deposit and later went to the letting agents to sign the tenancy agreement. The agreement stated that there was a bed and a sofa bed but the agent advised that maybe that was because the landlord would be buying one.
A few day’s later, I borrowed the keys to measure up the flat for furniture and saw that the landlord had moved in the most enormous 2.3m long, ugly, old sofa bed, stained and torn, the slats and mattress bowed and collapsing. It takes up half the living room, leaving no room for dining table or storage. It is clearly out of scale for the size of the flat.
When I spoke to the agent, the said she would ask the landlord if it could be removed but added that the landlord had moved it from another property and didn’t have anywhere else to store it. I had never seen the sofa bed before I signed the lease and had expected to at least be able to see and approve of anything the landlord was to add after my visit and lease signing.
There is no storage in the flat or outside. I feel I have been duped, that the landlord had delayed putting the sofa bed into the flat until after she had he tenancy signed, so that she could just find a place to store it. Any advice of where I stand, please?

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Do you have the original advertisement or agent’s particulars of the property? How was the property described?


If you sign any documentation that means you are agreeing to what is stipulated regardless of weather you have seen it or not you should not sign anything you have not seen or are no aware of because otherwise you do not really have much room to manovre.


It is a bit of a grey area Sonia and it does look as though you are right in terms of the landlord’s intention. Run it past your local Trading Standards Office because clearly you were under the impression from the agent that the sofa bed would be new. You might also want to tell the agent that you intend to speak to Trading Standards before you actually do it, since this may prompt them to take action. If they don’t, you have nothing to lose by asking the Office of Fair Trading if they can help.

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