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landlords, where do i stand

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Hi, I live in a private rented house and my 2 previous landlords sold the house im living in to someone else and i dont have a contract with the new landlord but still have one with the old landlords but my new landlord wants to demolish my house and build in the back garden. can i refuse to pay him rent if i dont have a contract.
Just need some help as i cannot afford to pay £875 a month although i get £400 from my local council. what do i do as i cannot afford to buy my 4 year old any christmas presents

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Sorry – but I have to ask why you moved into a house so expensive and outwith your budget in the first place..? I mean £875 a month is extortionate for a house, unless it is in middle London and in a posh area! If the council is giving you £400 a month then should you not be looking for a cheaper flat or something within your budget, even if it means moving into a less desirable area (meaning less posh – not rough). Even if you DID have a contract – you wouldnt be able to pay the rent by your own admission! I think you need to get your head together and cut corners and move out of there ASAP and into something you CAN afford nearer the £400 a month mark the council are giving you! The dream is one thing – reality is another!


Hi Holly, you don’t need a new contract since the rights you had under the original agreement still apply. In answer to your question, you cannot refuse to pay the rent to your current landlord. However, as Sheena has mentioned, you really should look for a property that is more affordable since if you fall into arrears with your rent, the current landlord will have the right to apply to the court for an eviction order having served you with the correct notice.

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