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Late Tenancy Fee

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I moved out of a property almost 3 years ago and hjave just recieved an email from the lettings management company claiming i owe them 200 pounds for an inventory check out and that they are starting debt recivery proceedings!

They have not provided any supportying invoice and documentation – it was so long ago that i have no records!

When we moved into the property it was managed by a different company and no formal inevtory was provided – they just left a list of items in the flat which we found when we moved in. We responded with our comments and emailed to the LL. Part-way through our tenancy, the management company was changed. 

When we moved out, we had to deal with the Landlord directly to agree there were no charges  – as this company were not involved.

A check-out inventory was carried out but we were never invoiced and received our deposit back in full. 

So, can they invoice 3 years later?

If they did not conduct a moving in inventory, can they charge for a moving out inventory? 

Thank you for any advice.

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One thing you can do is check their website and see if the “check out inventory” fee is displayed there. It’s mandatory for all agents to display their fees public on their website.

If you can’t find it, and there is no formal inventory (provided to you), no documentation, no invoice, then you can safely dismiss this. The agent’s claim will likely not hold out in court. It’s likely they will not pursue you further, as they probably have better things to do than chase tenants for a fee after three years.

If they never asked for the money when it was supposedly due, which can be proven by your email history, why do they remember to do it now after so much time ? MY only guess is to jab their list of past tenants in case any tender soul gives in without a fight.  

“If they did not conduct a moving in inventory, can they charge for a moving out inventory? ” – Yes. The two services are not related, but the check-out inventory should take in consideration the check-in upon doing the inspection. 




Noted, thank you for your response.

I did receive an inventory report and they do post their fees on the website. So i guess what I’m asking is: is there any time limit for issuing fees? I have never been invoiced for this until now. 

Thanks again.

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