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Leaking Toilet

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Any advice greatly appreciated. I am renting a flat that has problems that have been there since I moved in. The most significant being a toilet that leaks all over the bathroom floor. I discovered this as I couldn’t work out where the bad smell was from and put a cistern block in the toilet to try and keep it clean after a couple of flushes I then saw blue toilet water on the white bathroom floor and realised there is a slow leak. I have informed the letting agent several times and nothing has happened they just say they will tell the landlord and the maintenance team. There is also a consistent problem with the electrics and kitchen issues.What should I do next I have lined up a new flat but it wont be kept 2months until my lease is up. Do I have ground to break my lease?

Thank you in advance for the advice

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Unfortunately, no grounds to break your lease. The only thing you can do is be persistent and annoying and file complaint after complaint and make sure you phone them three times a day and make their lives as miserable as yours is until repairs are introduced. 

As this is a low impact disrepair issue, there is close to no chance of involving the council as well. 

However, if the electrical appliances pose any kind of danger or hazard, you may have a shot at contacting the council for help. Here is more info:



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