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Leaks/condensation or blocked gutter?

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I’ll preface this by stating that we are renting a house that does not seem to be in any way water tight. In the 11 months we’ve been here we’ve had a rodent infestation due to holes in the walls/roof, a leak in the loft, leak in the hall, leak in the kitchen and now the bedroom is the issue.

Since mid December we’ve had water streaming down the walls in our master bedroom along one particular wall. When this first happened we went up into the loft and above where the water was coming in it was soaking wet. In turn this has caused black mold. We reported it right away.

Last week a contractor came out about this and said it was “condendation” as there was no staining to the ceiling.

We keep the room well heated and ventilated at all times and have a dehumidifier in there. We have never, ever suffered with condensation problems at a property we’ve lived in. The gutters directly outside where the water is coming in are literally overflowing with moss. The gutters are in line with where the water is coming in. Could this be the cause of the water coming through?

We are dissatisifed that it is condensation- as an aside it only seems to stream in when it’s been raining. If it were condenstion would it not happen all the time?

Are we able to challenge the contractors assessment and get a second opinion? The water/mold has caused discolouration to the wall and we don’t want to be liable for the cost of correcting this if it’s something that’s not our fault. Especially since we’ve now decided to give notice due to the constant issues in this house.

Thanks in advance

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You can challenge the contractor’s assessment by getting a second contractor to survey the problem. 

Additionally, you can request that the council does an inspection. They have an Environmental Health department that looks after living standards in rented properties. 

If you and your landlrod can’t agree on the same thing, the local council can send an inspector to survey the problem and come out with a statement. 

I’m ready to admit that your post looks conclusive to the cause, but the only way to prove it to the landlord is by having a second or even third inspection. 

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