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leaving a property

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Hi all,

This is a long one and there is right and wrong on both sides so I am going to be as unbiased as possible, to get a answer that is reflective of the situation.

I moved into a “shared” 2 bed house with my partner in 2014, the property was two bed so she let one room and I let the other (ie we had the house to ourself but under seperate contracts)

The property is filled with the landlords goods and myself and my partner lived around them.

We have had continual issues with our landlord, he used to be a friend of my partner but their relationship has deteriorated since she moved into the property. He has taken to sending her and I abusive messages relating to movement of his things (particularly things like amps, we have parrots that like to poop EVERYWHERE) around the house often past 1am , we moved them to keep them in a good condition, he takes it as some sort of abuse.

For the last two years he has given 24 hours notice (the day before christmas eve), telling us that he will be staying in the property on the night of christmas eve and the night of boxing day (which get our backs right up), he is an extremely heavy drinker and plays his guitaurs in the property when he is there (often late into the night).

The last straw came the week before last, wehn with no notification he arrived at the house and stayed for two days and two nights, we viewed this as an utter invasion of privacy as we end up having to shut ourselves away when he is there. Again, he is a very heavy drinker, I do not want to be around a person such as that.

I would also note that tghe cooker has been broken for around 5 months and there has been a broken stair since i moved in, neither of which have shown any sign of being fixed.

I am not saying that we are perfect tennentas, I lost a job a few months ago and was unable to pay rent for a month, this has however been repayed now.

His last arrival was too much for my partner and we subsequently moved out of the property, however we did not serve notice, as he is very aggressive when he drinks and we didnt want the aggro.

Where do we stand from a legal point of view? we have texts etc that he has sent, these will also show his arrivals to the property.

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Hi There,

Before I can really offer any advice I need the answer to a few questions:

-You mention you each rented a room with separate contracts, am I right in saying this was a simple license to co-habit with the Landlord? In other words, you did NOT both sign an AST (Assured Shorthold Tenancy) for the sole Tenancy at the property.

-When does your tenancy contract end and what are the notice terms?

-Did you pay a Deposit? If so (and you dont mind saying) how much was this?

-Do you currently owe any rent?

-Did you let the property through an agent?

If you can answer these then I can give some relevant advice.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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