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Length of time for Landlord to confirm Check-Out

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We have recently moved out of our private rental, and as we were moving overseas we were not able to be there for the final checkout inspection, and neither was the landlord, however the agency did get a third party company to do this (as was done for the check in).

The landlord has now had the checkout sheet for over 3 weeks, and the agency is saying they have not yet heard back.

Is there a specific time frame that they are required to go through this?



Hi Michael

The longer you leave it, the less time there is to raise a dispute with the deposit protection service if you don’t agree with the landlord’s proposed deductions so I would start chasing hard. Have a look at your tenancy agreement or the documents you were given when you moved in – normally these set out the length of time in which the landlord must give you an indication as to whether they want to hold on to any of the deposit. It’s almost always less than three weeks. Maybe tell the agent that if you don’t hear within five working days you’ll assume the landlord has no deductions to make. After the point at which landlord and tenant agree whether there are any deductions or not, the landlord has 10 days to return your deposit.

It might be worth contacting the check out agency and requesting a copy of the report and also chasing the landlord direct. Even if you’re just making a nuisance of yourself it might make them do something. Remember that nothing can be deducted from your deposit if you don’t agree.



If this matter ended up going to disupte , the agent will not appear in a very favourable light to the ICE if they have not had the landlords instructions back after three weeks? I agree with the post above from Alex  – go back to the letting agent and explain that you feel you have waited  long enough. If they cannot advise you within a reasonable time scale of any potential deductions, then you want your deposit back in full. Say that if you dont receive your deposit back within a certain specified number of days, advise that you will make a formal written complaint and request that they send you without further delay, a copy of their Companys complaint handling procedure…Good luck!

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