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Less than a month left and still no tenancy agreement.

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We recieved a letter stating that from the 1st December the rent would be increased (by 20%) and we would be required to sign a new tenancy agreement. However, with less than a month to go we still haven’t actually received a copy of the agreement (despite asking) so we cannot see the terms and conditions or even whether it is 6 or 12 months etc. Obviously, without knowing what the new agreement is going to be we can’t decide whether to accept it or to move somewhere else.

My question is presumably they must give us at least a month (or some similar reasonable time) from when we see the contract before we are required to sign it i.e. they can’t drop a new contract on us 3 days before it kicks in and say “sign up for 12 months or you must be gone in 3 days.”

Can anyone point me to how the rules work with this as I can’t seem to find any information on it.

Thanks in advance.

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Hello Paul, 

Try being more pushy and demand for the contract. Even tell them that without receiving the contract soon, you may rethink your stay. 

Unfortunately, you cannot do much more as there isn’t any legal instrument to force your letting agent to hurry up. However, I think you cannot be forced to sign it on the date either. You may hold it out for a couple of days more to carefully examine and consider.

If they try to be pushy, you can say that you requested it sooner, but they did not provide, so it’s really their fault. 

In any case, since they only noted the increased rent and you can accurately calculate the increase, you may expect that the rest of the terms would be the same. Letting agents don’t frequently change the core terms of the tenancy agreements. 

You may also send them your existing one and ask them to note which terms and clauses are going to be changed, except the periods and the rent increase. 

Be more demanding about the information and you may see positive results. 

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