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'Let and Managed By' sign - do we have to have it?

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Hi there – we are 13 months into a 24 month lease (which we will likely extend).  It’s a nice family home, a three bed semi in a quiet road.  We take a lot of pride in our (well, oursish!) house, and keep it very nicely.  This morning I noticed that seemingly overnight the letting agent has stuch a big, ugly ‘Managed By’ sign up – it’s been attached quite brutally to our front hedge with cable ties, on the front of our drive.  It’s an eyesore, and I don’t like it.  It also makes me feel insecure for some reason – like it’s passing on personal information about my position to all and sundry (hard to explain!)  The only clause I can find in our contract relating to signs, si that we have to allow the agent to put a ‘For Let’ sign up in the last two months of our tenancy (which seems perfectly reasonable to me).  Do we have to keep this ugly great sign up, or can we take it down?  

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Hi Sara

There’s no legal reason why the sign should be there as I understand it so it depends on what it says in the tenancy. If the tenancy agreement doesn’t require you to have it there then there’s no requirement for it to remain. Perhaps email the agent and point that out – give them a time in which to take it down before you do.

I’m not a laywer but as I understand it, a tenancy gives you exclusive possession of the property as if it were your own. You can’t make alterations but there’s no reason why you should put up with something like this. If the agent says it’s in an agreement with the landlord then that has no bearing on you as you’re not a party to that agreement. As long as the sign is on land covered by your tenancy then it’s up to you.


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