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Letting agencts come round over 4 times a week.

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Ever since me and my partner moved into this flat, the landlord has been trying to sell up.

We were told that a buyer was already in place to buy the property tenanted so wouldn’t affect us.

This was clearly a lie. for the past 6-7 months we have had the fun of lettings agents conducting viewings.

one week we had 3 in one day and up to 5-6 in a week.

We didn’t used to mind the odd viewing and are easy going and understand this must happen for him to sell.

We are fair and understanding people. But they have become increasingly inconvienient.

We have had a letting agents turn up unannounced at our door at 10am on a weekends. which is why we refuse to give them keys so we are always in. We can have up to 2 viewings some evenings which is just annoying!

We understand they have a right to view the property and 24 hours notice, but we dont even mind letting them in on the same day as they are friendly, polite and respectful letting agents.

But after 6 months of atleast one viewing a week, I feel like we live in a show room.

Is their anything we can do.

Yes. we could refuse to let them round. but then the landlord will likely serve us notice as he wants to sell.

any help you be grand 🙂

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Remember that you are paying the landlord for quiet enjoyment of your property and constant access for viewings is clearly an annoyance.


Have you tried discussing this with your landlord and explaining the hassle it is causing you?   I would approach him/her and suggest that a reduction in rent would be reasonable for the constant inconvenience.  If you look at it from the landlords side, they will not want to lose you as tenants whilst they are trying to sell the property.  Especially considering the ease of access you have provided so far.   See if you can agree a weekly block viewing at a convenient time for all parties and suggest that anything more than this, or short term viewings, will be allowed subject to a £25 a time rebate on your rent (or other figure agreeable to all).


You are quite within your rights to refuse access unless the landlord, or his agents, have provided the necessary 24 hours notice which, in my experience, agents often fail to do.   If they continued to attempt to gain access without this notice it could easily be construed as harrasment, a serious issue for the landlord.  


Remember, it is the landlord who needs to be reasonable because, as tenants, you can make it very awkward to sell the property.   If you decided to leave, the landlord would have issues re-letting it whilst it was on the market for sale and they presumably wouldn’t want it vacant for any length of time.




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