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Letting agency is trying to charge for damages after doing the final inspection and saying everything was fine

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I had my final inspection done on a Tuesday 02/08/2016.  The letting agent was in the house before I arrived, which surprised me because he was never on time for anything.  I asked him if he had checked the house and he said everything was perfect, we walked into the some of the rooms, I asked if he needed to check upstairs, he said that was not necessary unless I had something to report. I said no, I left everything as it was even better, because I left the house cleaner that it was when I moved in(even though he says the house was professionally clean which I do not believe since the house was really dirty.)  Then I asked him again if he was happy with the state of the house and he said everything is ok, that I could go, so I left) He said he was going to meet the landlord on Thursday and check with her, because the land lord wanted to inspect the house, too.  
  • They had their meeting on Thursday 04/08/2016 ( I was not present, I was not invited.)  The landlord has been in the house since that Thursday (4 days,) she lives there. On Monday morning 08/08/2016, the letting agent calls saying that there is a problem with the garden shed.  There is a hole in the roof and that the landlord wants it repaired, that they will take money out of my deposit to fix it.  I have no idea how that roof got damaged.  I checked my inventory to see in what state the garden shed was in, but there is not mention of the garden shed and there are no pictures of it either.  Another thing, during my tenancy I had problems with humidity on the walls, it took forever for them to send someone to inspect the inside and outside walls (chimney breasts.)  They were up there with their ladders and equipment (5 different people in diffrent occassions.)  I was thinking maybe the people they sent caused the damage to the garden shed. 
  • They are also talking about marks on the walls, but the walls were already marked when I moved in.  It is stated on the inventory and on the extra pages I wrote listing the damages I saw that were not included on their inventory.  The inventory was provided by them and they have a copy of my notes (or maybe they letting agency misplaced them.)
  • The landlord is also complaining about the decking are in the garden, there is damage to it, but it has been by wear and tear (it rains a lot in the UK) and it had holes on it when I moved in.  This damage is not stated on their inventory, but it is stated on the notes that I gave them.
  • While living in the house, 2 weeks after i moved in, there was water damaged to the one room, it was generated by a faulty bathtub.  It was leaking (the leak was not visible.) When I realised what happened, I reported the issue.  They took one and half years to repair it. While repairing the damage they practically rebuilt the bathroom, but their workers forgot to put back a towel rack, which I reported when the letting agent came in to check the work done.  He did nothing about it. The thing is the landlord is also complaining about that towel rack not being in place. I lived in that house for two years.
Sorry about the long message, I hope you can help me,
Thanks in advance,

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Oh Amelia, reading your story, it reads so much like ours. First the shed – if it’s not listed in the inventory, then TOUGH! We have had a lot of dispute over our old thing – The door fell off because it is rotten! No law for us tenants, believe me I checked! So NO inforcement for them! I have told other tenants OVER and OVER TAKE PHOTOS!!!! You will in your new place wont you? I really hope that the reports to the agent over the different issues, were in writing!! Please not just verbal. Landlords are crafty they will try there best to pass costs onto the tenants. Fair wear and tear, what does that really mean? My kitchen is 20 years old!!! When will I get a new one??? What is fair wear and tear???

I think you are going to have a battle on your hands-DO NOT GIVE IN!!! Read ALL the advice on this wonderful site. Good-luck Bolly



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