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Letting Agency Lied

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As of July 29th, my partner and I wrote our 30 day notice to vacate a property. I then drove to the letting agency and handed the letter over personally. We even signed the date on the letter so they knew the date it was handed in. 

I received an email from the letting agency 6 days later saying they had just received the letter and the 30 days notice was not valid from the 29th. They claim i will have to stay in the property until the 20th of September as this was the lease date. I am on a month to month basis and the lease date was the 30th of September 2013, not the 20th as they claim. 

They are now saying the only way i can leave the property by the end of August as long as they get a new tennant otherwise i am stuck. Now they are claiming my notice was received 3 days ago on the 1st. I have told them this was a pack of lies, i delivered the letter personally and both my partner and I had signed the date as proof. 

They are basically saying its our of their hands and up to the Landlord. However should the landlord be against us, is there any way for my to take legal action against the letting agency for their incompetency?

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Hello Scott.

We are basically in the same or very similar situation as you.
We handed notice (written letter) in on Sunday May 30/31st (Rent paid till June 30th) Letting Agent denies receiving letter, we chased on the 1st June, Letting Agent demading full months rent for July, As by proxy of the phone call told them of our intent on the 1st June, thus by contract we are liable for the following months rent (July) as well!

We havent paid as we feel we kept to the terms of the contract, but with other issues we have faceed with leaving the property, We really are worried a court case will be issued against us.

Hope it turns out ok for you.


Hi Scott

You can certainly make a complaint about a letting agent – the first port of call is the agency itself and then if that can’t be resolved try one of the professional bodies that it is a member of (Property Ombudsman, ARLA etc). These should be prominently displayed by the agent. Normally, these bodies have a complaints process and can take action for unprofessional behaviour, as well as potentially ordering compensation.

I think the issue you have is proof. Did the letting agent sign the date on the letter? Otherwise it doesn’t really provide any proof of when the notice was delivered. It’s a better idea to send it by tracked mail or to get a receipt from the agent that is dated and signed by them. As this has obviously happened to another tenant too this sounds like a nice little scam some agents are running – that doesn’t suprise me at all. However, unless you can find another way to prove the date you delivered the notice (for example an email from the agent acknowledging it?) then you are probably on the hook for the rent.



We recently moved out of the property on the 29th of August as per our notice to vacate. We had paid up until the end of August in our last payment in July. However the letting agency continue to hound us claiming we violated the terms of the agreement by not staying until the 30th of September. I have continually made it clear that we did give them notice on the 29th of July 2015. I have since sent them evidence in a GPS tracker from my vehicle and a letter from the local council who archived the cctv footage from the front of the store that morning. We await a response. 

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