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Letting Agent a bugger!

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We have been in our bungalow for 6 months and given notice.

The spare bedroom carpet has always had an odour but of course when the agent came round she said it was hardly there!

They have instructed that the washing machine and ff must be moved out and cleaned behind, even though we have made no dirt there and would probably damage the lino and expect us to dry clean the curtains even though we dont smoke and is just 2 of us, no agent has ever asked for this to be done.

I have replied so awaiting a bitchy reply but wondered what anyone thinks?



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Did the agent provide you with an Inventory Document showing all the faults with the premises on the day that you took occupancy? If not…..then you don’t have to replenish or clean anything included in or on the premises.  If the document was provided and there is no damage or cleaning required in the final report on the day that your lease expires then you do not have to do anything except claim the full return of your deposit being held in trust by the DPS.  If the final document shows that damage has been done since you took possession of the premises then you will have a liability to correct that damage……hope that helps.


Hi Andrew

As mentioned above, the inventory is key here. It records the state of the property when you moved in. So, it should say things like “window cracked” or”kitchen lino, good condition, no marks.” So if the inventory said that it was clean behind the machines then you probably do need to do something as that will be checked and you don’t want to lose the deposit. 

The tenancy agreement is another key document – when it comes to end of tenancy cleaning does it say you need to leave the property in the same state in which you found it or pay for a full professional clean? If the curtains aren’t specifically mentioned then there’s no obligation to do them as long as they meet the general cleaning requirements in the tenancy. Have a read through your documents to see what’s required.When it comes to losing a part of the deposit this will only happen if you have caused damage, it’s not for wear and tear. If you disagree with something the landlord is trying to claim for then raise a dispute with the scheme that holds your deposit (there are three) and they will decide what is a reasonable deduction and what is not.



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