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Letting agent back tracks on surrender

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Almost 6 months ago we signed a tenancy agreement for 12 months without a 6 month break clause (despite being told there would be one). The contract was only given to us on the day we moved in and we signed anyway.

Fast forward 4 months and we have to move due to a change in employment and so we asked the letting agent if we could surrender after 6 months. They agreed and said if we paid their fees this would be fine. We agreed expecting there to be fees somewhere in the region of £400. The agent never specified the fees at the time.

So we accommodated a last minute viewing and kept the house tidy and the agents immediately found an interested party who wanted to take over the lease the day we moved out. At this point the agent called and told us the fees were £900. We thought this excessive (they didnt market online and only conducted one viewing). We told them that we thought this fee unreasonable and said we would pay £400 max (as we had made do with an unsecure back yard for two months as the wall fell down and they took 2 months to repair it).

At this point the agents told the interested party that the property was no longer available (I have this in writing from the person involved). They now appear to be doing nothing to re-let the propery and are trying to keep us here in spite.

Anyone care to share their opinion?

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