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Letting Agent charging a tenant Deposit Protection Fee of £180! Advice please?

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Can a registered with professional bodies Letting Agent who is not  listing its fees online and jusy had charged me a whopping £600 in admin fees can on top of this charge us as tenants a Deposit Protection Fee of £180? As far as I am concerned it is landlords responsibility to make sure our deposit is registered and protected so why is landlord agent charging us this ridiculously high amount for registering our deposit abs is this even legal? I wasn’t able to find any information on regards to this online, hence my post. I would really appreciate Andy advice on this, we are about to sign a tenancy agreement in couple of days as we have no choice but go ahead with this, the agent has not listed its fees online and didn’t disclose all of them when we did he viewing and took a holding deposit without showing us the exact list of fees. When we finally have been shown the amount my jae has dropped , the total of £780  in fees for a small two bedroom house. They refused to give us £400 holdong deposit back and pushed is to go ahead with the contract. They took off £120 as a ‘gesture of good will after I complained about their fees not being listed on their website but I still believe that they should not be charging us for registering deposit and it should be the landlord that is paying for it. I have never heard of any agent charging his kind of fee, is it legal for them to do so? Any advise would be much appreciated . Thank you! 

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Hi Marsidarsi

Letting agent fees are a source of continual annoyance to all of us renters. I’ve heard of a deposit protection fee for the landlord but not for the tenants – this page shows you how much deposit protection schemes actually charge the landlord to protect the deposit. As you can see, it’s much less than the amount you’re being asked for, you might want to point that out to the agent (if the deposit is being registered with a different scheme then the fees should be as easily available).

As you rightly point out, the legal obligation is the landlord’s – so what happens if you refuse to pay the fee, they don’t register the deposit? What a con.

Agents must display all their fees in the property adverts (unless there generally isn’t room to do so) – you can report them to the Advertising Standards Authority via Shelter here for not doing this.

Unfortunately there is little to stop agents charging extortionate fees (at the moment at least) but take a look at this page about fair agents fees, it will give you an idea of what you should be paying, as well as an idea of how to complain. 

Hope that helps.



This is disgraceful, I manage a letting agent; we never charge for such nonsense.  It is a shame that such agencies exist, the good agents out there are as outraged as you are by some of the fees other ‘agents’ are charging.  If we could all get together to stop tenants using these awful people the landlords would soon follow suit, unfortunately when landlords only consider the bottom line they will use the cheapest option. Cheap agent – cheap service or no service for the tenant.

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