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Letting agent & credit checks

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I have been letting a property for nearly 2years now all is ok so far.

recently my girlfriend has moved in but is not contributing to the rent or bills.

the letting agent is saying now that she needs to be added the the tenancy agreement (ok I don’t disagree) but is insisting that she needs to be credit checked and I have to pay an admin fee for that.

my problem is why should she be credit checked as I am the sole person responsible for the property and bills. They are saying it is to prove identity, and that specific names need to be on the landlords insurance.

To which my reply is they can have a copy of her passport and that a credit check is an unnecessary invasion of her privacy. And I find it very hard to believe that the insurance company needs to the names of the tenants!

Any advice or suggestion would be great.

Thanks in advance 


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Hi Trevor

If she’s being added to the tenancy agreement then you both become jointly liable for the rent. Even if it’s you that’s paying it in reality, the tenancy (if it’s an assured shorthold tenancy, which it most likely is) will make you both responsible and that’s probably why she needs to be credit checked. Most landlords will want everyone living in a property who has exclusive rights to be there to have a legal responsibiltiy for it so unfortunately it’s probably inescapable that she needs to go through that process if she is going to be an official tenant. Interesting that the agent doesn’t seem to know that!

I don’t know about landlord’s insurance but I would agree with you that it sounds unlikely. If you want to fight it you could ask for the name of the insurer and call them yourself to find out.

You could also suggest the landlord agree to your girlfriend being a subtenant – this would mean she would have few rights to remain in the property if the landlord or you wanted to get rid of her but would also remove the necessity of adding her to the tenancy agreement and so going through the credit checks.


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