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Letting Agent & Deposit

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The exit inventory has been done on the property I was renting and some touch up painting needed doing according to the clerk and also a cleaner. I have had to query the amount charged already due to being charged for decorating that the inventory did not highlight. I have asked for proof of payment / invoices to make sure this money has been spent on a decorator / cleaner but none have been provided. Do agents have to provide these to tenants to protect tenants deposits? They have taken £411 for some touch up painting and also some cobwebs behind the metal arm of the window. After moving out on 1 March my deposit still has not been returned and now it is the 15 April.


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The Agent/Landlord does not have to provide original invoices or receipts when protecting a deposit however if they are claiming monies from a deposit for works which were carried out at the beginning of the tenancy then they would need to produce these as evidence for their deductions. The amount of £411 seems very high for the works they are suggesting was done.

Regardless of this, if you do not agree to the deductions then you should raise a dispute through the scheme adjudication service. This is completely free and they will review the deposit deductions fairly based on the move in / checkout reports.  The Agent/Landlord cannot take monies from the deposit without your agreement; if you have made an agreement on the final amount to be returned to you then the Agent/Landlord must return the balance to you within 10 days.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Suzanne, 

Sounds like you need to speak to someone regarding your tenant rights. I would definitely recommend speaking to a Company that can help you gain a better understanding about what your rights are surrounding your deposit. Getting in touch with any Company such as this http://www.tenantclaims.co.uk/ would be helpful to you. I hope everything gets sorted for you soon! 

I hope this helps you! 


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