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Letting Agent employee threatening us with homelessness after personal dispute.

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Right so i live in a rented property through a letting agetnt and one of the staff members from the letting agent lives next door to me.

My partner and her have had an arguement and the letting agent staff member has treatened us saying that she is going to make sure we get kicked out of the house!

Now i have a 4 year old son and have never missed a payment on my rent in 3 years and have been nothing but good tennants we only have like 1 month left on our tennancy what are my rights? and what can she do?

Any advice welcome thanks Sean

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Hi Sean

Your tenancy agreement is between you and the landlord, not the agent. The agent works on behalf of the landlord and can only ask you to leave if that’s what the landlord wants. They can also only ask you to leave by giving you the correct notice – two months. If that notice isn’t given before the tenancy comes to an end then your tenancy will roll into a periodic tenancy and more notice still has to be given to remove you.

It might be worth making contact with the landlord directly (the address should be on the tenancy agreement and you can request contact details from the agents, who must legally provide them within 21 days) and letting them know that the agent is threatening you without good reason and that you want to stay. If you are forced to leave for no reason then the landlord will have to pay a significant amount to the agent for them to find and settle a new tenant so they won’t want to do this without good reason. It’s a good idea to bypass the agent here if there’s a chance she might not be entirely truthful with the landlord about you.

You could also make a complaint to the lettings agency about the agent, setting out what happened, that she is threatening to get rid of you, even though that’s not her decision to make it’s the landlord’s, and perhaps even indicating that you feel like you’re being harassed. It’s not illegal to have an argument and if you’re not being noisy on a regular basis then she has nothing to complain about. If the agency doesn’t listen or take action about your complaint then you can take the complaint further to the Property Ombudsman or ARLA – whichever the agency is a member of.

It may be that this will blow over but it’s not right for the agent to pretend they have the power to remove you when they don’t, and to try and hold that over you as a threat because of a personal grudge.


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