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Letting agent ignoring me

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Been living in my current rental for 12 months. Since moving in there has been a massive leak in my 2 yr olds room – from the roof. At first I was fobbed off that it was an old leak drying out. Then they got a proper cowboy builder to fix the lead flashing around the chimney but it is still leaking. I have reported it 13 times in total, including pictures of the wall dripping wet – there are massive holes in the chimney breast where water has forced out but my latest attempts to get it fixed are being ignored.
I wrote to ask for my LL address but was refused. I have no emergency out of hours number if the ceiling collapses for instance.
Additionally 3 contractors have turned upwithout prior notice or consent – the agent just give them our number to arrange appointments but on 3 occassions now they hven’t bothered phoning just turned up and expected access (once with pass keys from the office) and now the agent is refusing to reschedule an inspection on Thursday (for which we have been given no time of day at all) as I am at a pregnancy scan and hve no one to keep/look after the dog. I was very flexible with times/dates and said any other time/day was perfectly ok. But they are insisting on coming that day without my consent and I will have to reschedule my scan so I can be here to look after the dog – as they have just said they cannot even give a rough time just to be available all day.

Is there anything I can do about any of these issues? I feel very stressed and this is only the tip of the iceberg on issues with the agent.

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