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Letting agent insisting on adding my dependent spouse to Tenancy agreement & charging Fees for it

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Hi, I have rented an apartment in Birmingham 3 Months back. The Tenancy agreement is for 6 Months and I moved into the rented accomodation alone, as my wife was out of country. Now my wife has joined me and is currently staying with me. The letting agents are now asking me to include my spouse in the tenancy agreement and pay additional fee to do that. As per my contract, I cannot have visitor for more than 3 weeks in a 3 month period. So If I wanted to have my wife stay with me for the next 3 months, i will have to get her name added in tenancy agreement (which i will have to do by paying this addtional fees).

My Question is that do I need my legally wed wife (who is currently dependent on me) to be added in the agreement so that she can stay with me? Do i not have any legal right to let my wife stay with me being the sole tenant? Is the letting agent just trying to make money here?


Dave- anyone permanently residing at a property must be on the contract- either as a Tenant or a permitted occupant. This is standard across the UK and the redrawing of contracts to encompass this always carries applicable charges.

If you want your wife to live there and dont want to be found in breach of contract you need to do what they are requesting which is legal, far and best practise.

Hope that helps- Kristjan

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