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Letting Agent Owes Me Money From Rent

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Our letting agenc owes me £133 in rent due to us paying for a month in advance but agreeing to leave our contract earlier, meaning we didn’t rent for the whole month.

This is all agreed in wrigint from the letting agent detailoing how much they will reinbures us. 

We agreed this in January 2017 and moved out on 25th February 217. I’ve been chasing since and they have been completely ignoring my emails about the money owed to us.

Can someone please advise where I stand?




At this point, you want to send them a final letter before action, detailing that you will be seeking legal action in 48 hours, if you receive no contact from them. 

Then, you want to go to our resources page and check our the three Redress schemes. Each agent is required to sign up to one when going in business. Not being registered will result in a 5k fine on their name. 

Another option is to go to the small claims courts and file a claim, but seek legal consultation prior to doing so. 

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