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Letting agent permission to enter?

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 I gave the letting agency permission to let an electrician in last week to fix the lights.

The lights all blew again yesterday and I called them again this morning. This time though, rather than call me back they went straight to the property and fixed it and I didn’t know until after they’d left and told me.

Not that I have anything to hide or that I don’t trust them, but isn’t it kind of wrong for them not to have asked? Should I be worried?


You probably have nothing to worry about, but warn the agent that they are not following protocol. The law requires them to give you a 24 hour notice in writing or you may deny them access to the property. 

You can basically deny them access to the property at any time, if it is not convenient for you, but I don’t recommend using that right unreasonably. 

Here is everything you want to know about landlord or letting agent access to your home – http://www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/advice_from_us/landlord-access/

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