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Letting Agent problems

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My partner and I moved into our first rented property over 2 months ago. When we arrived at the property we saw that the house had not been properly cleaned by the previous tenant and there was no maintenance done to the property. The whole house need redecorating due to the previous tenant having punched holes in the walls (that she has only roughly filled in and not painted), that there were other holes in the walls, that there was a damp, weed smell in the top of the house, there were 20 light bulbs out that had not been replaced and that there was general uncleanliness. The letting agent told us that she had only moved out 2 days before and they did not have time to clean and decorate the property like they should have. We had to sign the agreement as we already given money over and we had nowhere else to live. He was extremely rude not only to us but to our family members that had come to help us move in. The letting agent has got a £650 of the deposit back from her as to complete cleaning and decorating of the property (which we were told would take 6 weeks and that the light bulbs would be replaced out of the bond money). Since we have been in the house we have noticed numerous things wrong with the house i.e there is no fire door to our living/kitchen which is a legal requirement as we only have one exit to the property. We are at the point where we do not want to live here anymore as nothing is being done and we can barely get hold of our letting agent. When I do get through to him he is extremely rude and short with me. He says one thing to me and one thing to my partner and there is never a straight answer with him. He has told us me that the decorating is not getting done until October as they only have one decorator and he is doing work to our letting agents home first. Is there anything we can do about any of this? Please help, our dream first home is quickly becoming a nightmare!

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Hi Chesca,

Unfortunately this is an issue many Landlords/Agents face when a property is returned with a tenancy lined up straight after. If the property isnt returned in a suitable condition, then gthe new tenancy starts off poorly. This isnt through any malicious intent, its just the tricky nature of back to back lettings.

With that said, the cleaning and lightbulbs should have been sorted within 2-3 days of you moving in (in fact, there is no reason this was not done during the 2 day void). As for decorating, it is great they have agreed to do this however October is a long wait for this!

You should write to the agent/Landlord explaining what essential works need to happen and that, unless a schedule is confirmed within 7 days and works completed within 28 days, you will arrange the works yourzself and deduct from the rent accordingly.

I do advise caution in this approach as you do have to ensure the works are, indeed, essential. HOwever, the Landlord has made commitments and contractual obligations and they are obliged to comply with these.

If that fails and you are really unhappy and you have bona fide confirms that the property is not up to standards. Yiu can contact your local Environmental Health department and have them attend and investigate accordingly.

I hope that helps.

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