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Letting Agent Property inspections.

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I have been happily renting my home for the last 18 months and am due to renew/extend my tenancy agreement shortly. My concern is the frequency of the property inspections carried out by the letting agent.

Whilst I appreciate and respect the need for regular inspections, how often is too often?

My agent insists on inspections every 3 months and although they give plenty of notice and are always flexible if it is not convenient to me, I feel the frequency is bordering on invasive. Each report goes back with excellent feedback and without concern. I could understand if I was a problem tenant or if issues were being raised but this is not the case.

My tenancy agreement includes the fact that inspections will be carried out but does not detail how often. Can I demand that they reduce the frequency?

I am looking to extend/renew my tenancy in the next few weeks for another 2 years but the thought of 8 more inspections does not thrill me (I see some of my own family less often!!!).

Any advice?


I think 3 monthly is too often. If there is a concern or worry about a property I would still say this is too often. 6 monthly or yearly with the gas inspection would be more appropriate. 


Hi Mark

6 months would be more usual – this is quite a useful discussion on the topic.



Hi Mark,

As per the previous comments yes do ask them to have them every 6 months and get a copy of the report. I had the same issue, never got a report back and now the letting agent is quoting unreasonable amounts from my deposit for FWT issues. 

Ensure you get the reports back after each inspection and ask how they will use these inspections in writing.


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