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Letting agent refuses my request to know who my landlord is.

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Hi i have been in my rented flat for 13 months and have paid up front for a further 11 months. I had been trying to get the agents to agree with my request to install a water meter and after being brushed off countless times by them i decided that i would just go ahead and install one. I did but 2 weeks later i received my 1st written letter from agent stating that the landlord will not allow me to have meter. I felt bewildered as to why they did not want a meter in a one bedroomed flat so i requested the landlords name and address from agent but they laughed in my face and told me that they would not and do not have to supply me with his details. Are they correct?


Hi Stephen

No, they are wrong – and rude by the sounds of it.  Tenants have a legal right to know the name and address of the landlord – it might be in your tenancy agreement? There’s more information on this, including how to find the contact details without going through the agent, in our Help & Advice guides.


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