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Letting agent taking pictures without permission

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Please help, what do we do and where do we stand?

The property we rent is managed by letting agents and we had a routine inspection, but unexpectedly he turned up with a camera. I was with my 2 year old so I didn’t follow him round to see what he took photos of. It’s the first time they came with a camera and I didn’t think much of it until the day after we were informed that due to the seeing the photos, the landlord isn’t going to renew our contract and served us a section 21 notice for possession. 

This is what they sent us “We have heard back from the Landlord after sending the pictures on to him and he is not happy with the condition of the property.  He also feels that with your growing family you have outgrown the property and he has asked us to serve you a Section 21 Notice for Possession which you will be receiving shortly.”

From the research that we’ve done, the letting agents shouldn’t have taken or sent any pictures of our property without our permission. We asked for copies of the pictures, they said they didn’t have any. 

We feel like the letting agent has invaded our privacy and peace.

Our family isn’t growing and we have no other plans for anymore children and the house is in the same condition as when we moved in, good!

We feel that the letting agent has been biased towards us.

We’ve already found somewhere else to live and moving out of here.

Have we been unfairly treated and have our rights been broken?

Please help, what do we do next?

Thank you for reading!

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Given that the agent only took the photos to present to the landlord, so they can see the condition of the property, I’d say it shouldn’t be that much of a problem to you. 

I mean, the photos show nothing more that the agent didn’t see with their own eyes. They only serve to inform the landlord of the condition, without them having to personally attend the inspection. 

That said, I agree that the best thing was for the agent to ask you for permission and notifying you they are taking the photos. 

It’s also reasonable for you to expect to receive copies of the photos and you should demand to get one. 

However, given that you don’t intend to fight the accusations and want to move out as well, I see no reason to pursue the privacy issue any further. 

The condition issue, however, is another thing. If the landlord is “not happy with the condition”, I can make you any bet that your deposit is about to take a hit. 

In your place, I’d prepare for a serious dispute over deposit deductions. Also make sure you get a copy of these photos, as they are likely going to be used against you in a dispute, so you have to know what they’ve got on you.

Also, download our free guide on deposit deductions. It will help you out. Here is the link – http://www.thetenantsvoice.co.uk/letter-templates/request-deposit-back-negotiate-disputes

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