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Letting Agent won't replace condemned boiler

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A tenant asks:

I need some advice please… my letting agent is messing me about. I’m living with a boiler that has been condemned twice by the national grid. The letting agents send someone round to fix the boiler and its up and running again. But here’s my concern…. the last time it happened I smelt gas and it was giving off neat gas. I went into my daughters room to find her limp in her bed as she had taken in a lot of gas and went to hospital. After a little oxygen she’s okay… the boiler is rattling all the time and looks like its falling apart. I’ve registered for a free boiler but this has to go through the letting agents first so the application can go through. I’m desperate to get it changed as the boiler is in the kids room and I’m scared every night in case something happens and we all blow up (lucky I’m not a smoker) I’m completely at my wits end about it and don’t know what to do. Please help…

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Your landlord has a legal requirement to make sure that the gas appliances in the property are safe and fit for purpose. When was the last gas inspection? You should have received a copy of the latest one when you moved into the property. If it has not been done in the last 12 months, then the landlord is breaking the law.

You need to write to your landlord directly. If you have his/her email address, use this. Otherwise deliver the letter by hand or send it registered post. In the letter, you should outline the problem and request immediate contact and action from your landlord. Every tenant has the right to know their landlord’s address and it should be in your tenancy agreement.

Next, contact your local authority. Your landlord is required to ensure gas appliances are safe by law and failing to comply is a very serious offence. Your local council should be informed of this breach too (especially if your landlord has more than one property) so they can act. Your local CAB (Citizens Advice Bureau) will help you with this so do contact them.

Here is a link to relevant pages on our website with more details on what to do. Good luck and let us know how you get on.




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