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Letting agents changed hands and wants to erect a board

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We’ve been at our property for eight months and recenlty the agent we rent from has been bought out by a larger company. We had a letter to notify us of this and it stated our agreement etc would not change and everything would just continue as is. Today (2 weeks later) we get a voice message telling us not to worry but a board was being erected outside our house in the next few days saying ‘let by’ and branded with the new company. I’m not at all happy about this and believe it is just a spam board for the company to gain free advertising by exploiting existing tenants. I’ve read that they need landlord permission to erect a board and the code of practice for letting agents states the following:

Letting Boards

  1. 6b  You must not erect any form of letting board at a property unless you have been instructed to market that property for rent.

  2. 6c  You can only erect a letting board with the specific permission of the client.

  1. 6d  Any board you do erect must be appropriate for the occasion.

  2. 6e  When you put up a board you must by law comply with the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 2007; or in Scotland, the Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisement) Regulations 1992. You must accept liability for any claim arising under these Regulations in connection with the board.

  3. 6f  If your board relates to part of a building in multiple occupation, it should indicate the part of the building to which it relates.

  4. 6g  You must not replace another agent’s board with your own, hide it or remove it from a property, without the client’s permission or without notifying the other agent.

  5. 6h  You must comply with local legislation in relation to erecting your boards. 

I’m going to ring them tomorrrow stating my disapproval of this mystery board and ask if they have the landlords permission to erect it, but in the mean time just wanted to get peoples thoughts on this. Thanks 🙂

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Hi Sara

Your contract (tenancy agreement) is with the landlord, not the letting agent so – for reference – no matter how many times the agents changes hands your tenancy remains in force. The agents work for  – and are paid by – the landlord. They are his/her representative and they act on that person’s behalf – essentially a middleman.

So, you should complain to the landlord about the board and/or check whether the agent obtained permission first. Your landlord’s details should be on the tenancy agreement and you can also request this from the agents (they must supply the details within 21 days).

I’m not sure which code of practice you’re quoting but go back to the body that wrote it (Property Ombudsman? ARLA?) and ask them how they can get the agent to take it down if they’re putting up the board in breach of the code of practice (the agent will need to be a member of that body for them to be able to take action against the agent).



The agents boast the TPO logo on their correspondance so I looked up their rules and regulations here https://www.tpos.co.uk/images/documents/Codes/TPOE22-3_A5_Code_of_Practice_Residential_Lettings_Agents_-_Effective_from_1_Oct_15.pdf Turns out it was a marketing campaign praying on the naivety of their tenants so they could get free marketing and brand awareness. They offered me £10 off my tenancy renewal if I had the board up for 3 – 4 weeks. I proposed that I rented them a section of my front garden for £25 a week to display their advertising. Needless to say, no sign of the sign 😉

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