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Letting Agents Fees

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I have contacted my letting agent to inform that the person I was sharing the house will move out and that I would like to add two new tenants to the contract. I was told by the letting agent that it will cost 275£ for each person to have reference checks and create the new contract…. That means 550£ to add two tenants to the house….seems to be a ripoff but not sure how I can contest this…

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I’m not really sure what you can do in this situation. I’m from Australia and Letting Agent fees in England are totally out of control and have no relationship to the actual cost of providing a service. When you consider the relationship is between the landlord and the letting agent, and that the letting agent charges the landlord quite significant fees, then also charging the tenant is blatant double dipping. This does not happen in Australia (or didnt a few years back when I was there). Scotland is spot on in outlawing these fees and Letting Agents in England are really just taking the piss. In your situation, do you have any relationship with your landlord? If so, you could discuss it with them directly and see what can be done. I rent directly from a landlord and have not paid one penny in tenancy fees or anything else, and that is the way it should be. If the landlord uses and agent, then they pay the agent and the tenant should not be expected to pay anything. I can also see and have evidence from friends who rent that the Letting Agencies either own or have other indirect relationships with ‘Referencing Agencies’ and ‘Inventory Agencies’ etc, so at the moment the Letting Agancies are really on the take. There is legislation in progress that will make these fees illegal in England, and the sooner the better, but in your case you either need to talk to you landlord, suck up the fees, refuse to pay, which may mean they’ll breach your lease and evict you, or tell them you have ‘changed your mind’ and let others move in and see how it goes (which might be OK if they dont find out). Sorrt for my rant, we are just moving from a private landlord to a Letting Agant and I’m not very happy with their fees either (e.g. an extra £100 pounds to ‘reference’ my daughter becuase she just turned 18 – fooking theives).

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