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Leylandii Trees

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Sorry in advance if this question before in this forum (I’m new here) 🙂 I am having a slight problem with my current Landlord after a brief talk with her in the garden whilst visiting to fix a serious electrical fault. 

The question I have is this, I have some huge tall 20M ish Leylandii Trees at the bottom of the garden. She quoted that I need to get these trimmed as they are becoming unsafe. I mentioned that I don’t believe I’m responsible for this and she remarked back the statement “returning the garden in the same state that it was in when I moved in”

I am fully aware of this statement and its meaning and that the meaning being “I return it in a clean and tidy state, mowed lawns, trimmed bushes, and anything I plant must be removed if she requests” 

She seems to think otherwise, I checked my tenancy agreement when she left and quoted what I thought it would “To keep in a clean and tidy manner the garden of the property and to keep the property free from rubbish or offensive matter”

There is no clause in the tenancy agreement to which I have to trim Leylandii Trees or call in skilled professionals to do the job which obviously this would require. I would like to hear you kind people’s input on the matter.

Please click link below for picture…..


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