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Live-in Landlady and no contract...where do I stand?

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This doesn’t read right, there appears to be no text, I wouldn’t be happy either living in or without a contract – I always make sure I draw up a contract


ooops I thought I had put the content in thre…

I moved into a room a couple of weeks ago after paying a month’s deposit to the live-in Landlady.  The day that I moved in, I paid one month’s rent via an online transaction. 
The first night that I was there, she said that we will have no contract because she wasn’t sure what she was going to do in a couple of months’ time.  I knew that she might be looking to move back to Spain and he mind wasn’t made up.
Unfortunately it is not working for me with a lack of space in a flat and we are completely different.  I have found somewhere else to move to and have given my Landlady 1 weeks notice.  She has complained that this isn’t giving her enough time to find another tenant and is threatening to keep my deposit.  Where do I stand legally with this?  Can she do this?  As I said, there is no AST or License agreement and I know that live-in landlords have more rights than tenants.  What can I do?
Many thanks

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