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Live-in Landlord issues

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Hi,rnI was wondering if someone could help me out with what my rights are here – and wether I have grounds to take action or seek some form of compensation.rn rnI moved into a house-share in August 2013, with just 1 other girl, Jen. Jen rents the house from her sister, but Jen is my landlord. We agreed a monthly rolling contract verbally, with the usual months notice, and £550 deposit to be returned on my departure. I have 1 bedroom, 1 living room & 1 bathroom just for my use, along with a shared kitchen.rnLast month, Jen informed me her sisters marriage had broken down, and her brother in law wants the house back. Jen told me he had bribed them with money to move me out with a week’s notice, and even threatened to move my belongings outside the house. Nothing came of that other than we agreed my notice to be handed in for Dec 21st.rnLast Wednesday, Jen informed me to settle things her family side, she has decided to move out this Sunday just gone, and her sister & 2 children (4 & 7) wil be moving in today. We discussed this in much depth and agreed this was not convenient for myself either, so I would move out the following weekend, in return for my deposit so I can secure a room elsewhere.rnJen moved out and has not paid my deposit back, nor is returning my calls / messages.rnThe sister moved in today, and is making my life absolute hell. I got home last night to a note left on my bedroom door asking me to move all my posessions into my living room, and I was told my mattress will be moved onto my living room floor so i can sleep there for the rest of this week. As her kids were to be having my bedroom. I politely said this was not reasonable, or do-able.rnThe kids are constantly screaming, the house is an absolute tip (I cannot use the kitchen and have had to go out for dinner each night), and the overall noise and stress levels are just unbearable. To top this, I lost my Grandad to cancer this morning – both Jen and her sister are aware of this – however are showing NO form of consideration for this.rn rnMy Qs -rnWho is my landlord? Jen’s notice ends Dec 30th, but she moved out sunday Nov 16th. So who is ultimately still responsible for returning my deposit?rnDo I have grounds for harrassment due to the noise levels within the house, and the threats?rnDue to her sister moving in I have subsequently lost sole use of my bathroom (the family are now using it) – can I claim rent back?rnI am worried I am not going to get my deposit back as her sister does not work, and they have both openly admitted to me in writing they do not have my money to pay me back. What cna I do about this?rn 

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That would be a tricky one, you only had a verbal contract with Jen, who could I guess easily say that the landlord is her sister (who appears to own the house) I think the short notice is not very good, but without a written contract I’m not sure you will get anywhere, have you spoken with a solicitor?

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