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Living breathing in cat wee and being sick

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I am a council tenant in kingshurst, my neighbour who joins me has around 15 cats.

Through the cupboard we join from the cat urine is coming straight into my property causing me daily sickness 

I had my environmental health officer come out today to tell me she smells it but not strong. 

I have been complaining now for 22 months and during that have lost 2 stone, daily take sickness tablets, am sick everyday im in this property.

Less than a year ago i had urine leaking from the property above and the council left me to live with that for a year with urine dripping over my kitchen sides, I refused to pay rent as i couldn’t live here, the dog urine from my ceiling has been painted over via the council (which i find unhygienic)

The cat urine smell is very strong i wake up daily coughing and constantly at doctors and complaining i need help dealing with this issue i teach children dance classes and often cannot even eat as a result of the smell coming straight through

im going to be honest they arent clean people they dont wash and collect in the stray cats from outside. When there door is open i can see and smell exactly where the smell is coming from.

22months council and environmental health do nothing please help its revolting and im not being taken seriously 

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Normally, for any issues, we’d advise you to contact the council and seek help. In this case, it obviously wouldn’t help. 

If you get a note from your MD that the urine and smells is causing you severe sickness and breathing problem, you can file a claim in the court against the local council.

Even though you’ve reported the issues as far as 22 months, no adequate measures have been taken and your health has suffered as a result. 

I can’t tell you how likely is your claim to succeed, but you can consult a solicitor and explore this option.

You can find legal organisations and solicitors listed in our tenant resources page –

Hope this helps. 

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