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Living Room Turned into 6th bedroom 3 Months After Signing Contract

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 We moved into a room in a house share 3 months ago. Today I came home from work and the living room had been converted into a 6th bedroom. I signed the contract only 3-4 months ago on the basis that there was a living room and only 8 people living in the house (there will now be 9). Do I have any rights to stop this from happening, or at least to be due a reduction in my rent on the basis that it is no longer the same house I originally signed the contract to rent?

Thanks for any help.


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Hi Craig

Are you living in a House of Multiple Occupation? If so there’s some info here from Shelter that might be useful, including making complaints about overcrowding. You could also look into fire safety as if the property has become unsafe it would be possible to threaten to get the council involved unless the landlord removes the additional tenant.

There’s another issue if the landlord/agent is just turning up without giving you notice as that would put them at risk of a trespass claim, depending on the situation. As far as I know you should always be given 24 hours notice (depending on your tenancy), they can’t just let themselves in and convert a bedroom.

Do you have a join tenancy with the other tenants or separate tenancies? Again, this will affect the rights you have – more info on that here. I would assume that if the landlord is adding another tenant then they want to increase the rent so would refuse to reduce yours. Whether they can do that probably depends on what your agreement with them is. If you have a joint tenancy with the other tenants you will have more rights than other types of tenancies (i.e. you all signed the same document).

On a personal level that sounds totally unacceptable but legally I guess it depends on what your tenancy (?) agreement says – I’m not a lawyer so you might want to visit a law centre or ask the Citizens Advice Bureau for specific help. 


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