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Low hanging lights

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Hi all,

First time poster but have stalked these forums for a few years.

In our dining area the landlord has low hanging lights installed (pics attached). They are either incorrectly installed or unsuitable for the area as the lowest hangs below head height.

During my time in the property the other tenants and myself have been hit by the fixtures many times as they are not in the centre of the dining table. One time I got out of my chair and hit my head on them so hard that they swung around and one of the glass balls smashed as they hit each other. Fortunately I wasn’t looking up or else I’d have got glass in my eye.

I’ve raised the issue to the agents and frankly they’re useless and haven’t given me a direct response.

So my question is: come time to move out, they’ll no doubtedly try and charge us for the break. On the grounds of poor or unsuitable installation, can we fight it?


Hi Lewis,

Tricky as I am ot entirely sure if there is a law about the height of lights however logic would dictate they should be out of ‘human height’. If you feel this is unjustiifed and you cant rewcah an agreement then simply raise a dispute with your deposit regulator and they will adjudicate the matter.

Hope that helps

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