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Maintenance guy entering my home with no warning!!

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hi there 

can you please give me some advice. 

I came home the other day to find a maintenance guy in my property. I received no phone call no text. Nothing.  

I emailed the letting agent and heard nothing back!!   Annoyed is an understatement 

where do I stand?? 

(I mentioned that the boiler needed sorting out as the hot water wasn’t hot hot but nothing that needed sorting that day – ie it was still working so no need to gain entry without my permission) 

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A normal tenancy will allow the landlord, or his agents/workmen, access to the property when required.   BUT, this would be on the provision of 24 hours written notice or your prior permission.


I would advise them in writing that this is not acceptable and notice must be given in future.   Assuming nothing untowards has happened as a result of this impromptu visit, I’d be inclined to limit any action to the above written warning.


Hi Alison

The only situation in which the landlord or their agents don’t need your permission is where it’s an emergency as you say. This comes from your tenancy agreement and is also implied by law so there are limited – if any – circumstances in which a landlord can get away with this.

So, as mentioned above, it’s a good idea to remind the landlord that they need to give you notice – some forget, some don’t realise and some try and get away with it. Not giving a tenant notice opens a landlord up to a claim of trespass, which you can sue for. If it carries on you can make a claim to the tenancy relations officer at your local council but hopefully the landlord will realise their mistake and not repeat it.


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