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Maintenance visits

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Hi, I’m new to the site and to renting so hope this site will help a novice tenant.

i have moved into a detached property on a non working farm so it’s quiet and undisturbed.  The owner has access to a field and some stables so officially has the right to come and go.  He is also doing some repairs to my guttering and putting a trelace around the oil tank so has advised that he’ll be visiting to do the work.

my problem is that the work, which should take a couple of days max is now into its second week.  He comes and goes as he pleases, does 10 minutes of fiddling about and leaves. He comes 3-4 times a week and has hardly made any progress.

im getting annoyed because he doesn’t seem to be getting on with it and I feel that he’s checking up on us.

i moved into this property for some privacey and he always seems to be about.  

Im working at home today and he’s been 3 times already but all he’s done is empty the rain water from a post hole and left.  It’ll rain again soon. What’s the point.

I know he needs to give 24 hours notice before arriving, which he did before the first visit, but how long do I have to put up with the intrusion.

thanks, Rachel.

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Hi Rachel,

You are legally entitled to the ‘quiet enjoyment’ of your home. As such, I would simply write him a nce and friendly email advising that you want a detailed schedule of the agreed works (and for this to be adhered to) and that you are entitled to quiet enjoyment, As such, you do not want regular and ongoing visits to the property.

If the issue persists come back to me and I’ll give further advice.

Hope that helps.


 Hi Kristjan,

Thanks for your reply.  4 months has passed since my original post and Im getting to the end of my tether.

I moved into this remote property to be away from people.  Without going into too much detail, I am not very sociable and a little agrophobic so feel insecure in public places and with strangers. 

The problems with my landlord and his wife visiting ramdomly is continuing and I have got to the point where I cannot relax in my home and am getting more upset and anxious.  The landlord comes and goes as he pleases collecting various bits and peices from the sheds and taking them away.  His wife is constantly appearing to do something on the property, usually weeding or painting somewhere on the property.  Once she hung about for 4 hours to ‘keep an eye on the cows’.  They arent even her cows! 

It was known that the landlord needed access to sheds etc when we moved in but I didnt expect them to turn up 3-4 times a week and hang around doing odd jobs for hours.  It’s not so bad when they appear in their car as at least I know they are there, but sometimes thay walk accross the fields and arrive from the rear of the property so I only realise they are there when they appear out of nowhere. 

They never approach the house itself or want entry, but the fact that they are always there is getting me down so much that we now keep all the curtains closed.  I cannot come out of the bathroom without having to check out of the windows first.

I don’t feel as though I want to discuss this with them directly because, 1. It wouldnt get me any where as they said they need access and we agreed and 2. My anxiety means that I cannot handle a face to face conversation.  I do not deal well with confrontation and have no other ‘virtual’ way to make contact and no email address for them.

I need to move now and have looked at my tenancy agreement. We are 6 months in to a 12 month contract but there is no break clause.  We have spotted another nice property up for rent and I need to find out if their intrusiojns mean I can end the contract early.

I am considering renting another home  and paying two lots of rent until March 17 – its got so bad.

Any advice would be gratefully received.

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