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Massive stain on a carpet caused by me

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Hello everyone, 

I need to calm myself down and kindly ask what would you do. We are renting a flat in London, during Xmas we have placed a pot with life Xmas tree on our light carpet but did not think it would stain. I tried to clean the stain but in the end made it worse and ended up with 50cmx30cm damage which us about three shades darker than the actual carper surrounding it. I stupidly used some chemical carpet cleaner on it. I had a carpet cleaner in yesterday announcing that i have practically chemically burned the carpet and it is impossible to take the stain out. 

Now the carpet is 7-9 years old in a good condition. Question is, how to approach my landlord with this? I have contacted some carpet repair companies but before i do my next move I want to discuss this with the landlord. But what shall i suggest? Or how much could she potentially deduct out of our holding deposit when we move out? 

Other than that the carpet has stains on it from the previous tenant but the one i made is just too big and the worst part is that it is my fault. 

Thank you for your opinions!


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Hi Paula

Maybe start by getting some quotes for replacing the carpet to get an idea of what the maximum cost could be – it’s important that you know this as landlords and agents have a tendency to add to the cost just because they normally get away with it. That’s less likely to happen if you know yourself what the average is.

In terms of what you should pay, you will have to pay for the damage to the carpet. However, there is a concept of ‘betterment’ which means that your landlord should not be put in a better position at the end of the tenancy than they were at the start. So, if your landlord started the tenancy with a 7 year old carpet and ends up with a brand new one at your expense that would be betterment.

So you will need to agree a proportion of the cost to bear yourself – there’s no standard amount so you could offer what you think fair. Another option is simply to wait until you leave and then see what the landlord asks for. If you don’t think that amount is fair, make your own offer. If you can’t agree then refer the problem to the deposit protection scheme dispute resolution service (it’s free with whichever scheme is holding your deposit). You’ll need to submit evidence to them of the stain, average cost of replacing the carpet and the state of the carpet when you moved in (inventory?) and they will be able to decide how much the landlord should keep of the deposit. That might be the easiest way.



If the carpet is old the landlord might decide to renew Anyway.

Speak to landlord about it  he’s more likely to be lenient if done this way.

I am a landlord and when you move out then I have a big problem because everything is in a rush because there’s a period of nilrent.  If I have more time I can get quote’s and get a cheaper deal.  Also mention betterment because we have to be reminded of this.  You probably will be able to negotiate something. 

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