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Two months ago I moved into this property (I had to move in sight unseen due to personal circumstances, moving to a new city and starting a new job with about three days notice after confirmation). I signed the inventory which was just a list of the items in the property at the lettings office, but sent the description of the state of the property back to them in the post with my own descriptions of the grime in the cupboards, etc back to the lettings agent in the post.  They are claiming not to have received it, but that kind of backfires because they then don’t have my much needed signature agreeing the property was in a good state of repair.  I have cleaned the grime and most of the things that I noted, but then there’s the mattresses.

The mattresses were covered by cheap but brand new mattress protectors, something that I am used to from every other furnished property I’ve lived in.  Two weeks ago I took off the mattress protectors to wash and freshen them up (sheets every week and mattress protectors every month and a half) and the mattresses on both beds are filthy (brown and yellow stains, blood stains).  I contacted the lettings agent and decided to sleep on the settee. Since oving into the property I have woken every morning with a sore throat, which I put down to pollution as the property is close to a motorway, but since sleeping on the settee I have not been waking with a sore throat.

This morning, over two weeks after sending an email regarding the mattresses the landlord and letting agent came to the property to inspect the mattresses.  The upshot is that the landlord is unwilling to replace them, which is fair enough.  However he is also unwilling to remove them so that I can replace them and even unwilling to steam clean them to remove whatever is in them that is causing both me (and my parents when they came to visit) to have a sore throat when sleeping on them.  I asked how old the mattresses were and he said that he *only* bought them 8-10 years ago so is completely unwilling to do anything about them.  The landlord seems to think I’m being fussy, but the four other people I have shown the mattresses to have pretty much recoiled in horror from the stains.  Landlord said he sees no need to try to analyse what might have caused the stains, and this I agree on since it is damn obvious what has caused the stains and it’s disgusting.

I’ve contacted Citizen’s Advice and they have advised me that it is reasonable to ask for them to at least be removed, especially as they were purposefully hidden under mattress protectors.  They also advised me to contact a Private Tenant’s Association run by the council to see if someone from there can inspect the mattresses and do anything.  I completely understand that the landlord is not legally obliged to replace the mattresses, but since they are so disgusting as to not be usable, is there any way to oblige him to remove them so that I can replace them.  He told me to prop them up against the walls but unlike him I’m not convinced that excrement stains are good decoration in my home.  Is there anything that can be done about a landlord who has such low levels of cleanliness?  I’ve cleaned the grime in the rest of the house, but I’m really stuck as to what to do about the unusable mattresses and being reasonable and asking for a compromise that will lead to me not having to sleep on filth, is seemingly not something he is willing to do.

When the Landlord left the room to get his mobile, he said he was surprised at the landlord’s behaviour and attitude, but he seems the type who won’t do anything to disagree with the landlord in front of him.

If there is another next step, please advise.

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“When the Landlord left the room to get his mobile, he said he was surprised at the landlord’s behaviour and attitude, but he seems the type who won’t do anything to disagree with the landlord in front of him.”

He, in this, is the letting agent.  Sorry for lack of clarity.


Okay, since this is the situation, call local council and seek to contact the Environmental Health department. 

Then explain yourself and don’t forget to describe the condition of the mattresses as vividly as possible. Ask to have an officer come around and do an inspection. 

Then try to get the landlord attend the inspection. The officer should be effective in making the landlord at least remove them.


i agree with your reply Audrey.  As a landlord myself I have a responsibility to my tenant, my tenants neighbours and myself.  As a furnished property you should have been furnished with a detailed contract of landlord and tenants reponisbility and if none was provided dont do it.  As a tenant you also have to take reponsibilty for your actions.  It isnt just an overnight stay its a long term contract and even 6 months is a long time.  The property should have been cleaned brfore you went in that is what we ask deposits for.  Anything unfit to use should be replaced either by the landlord or out of the previous tenants deposit if it was in good or new condition originally.  The agent may possibly be managing the property for the landlord and it was up to them to inpect all these things and report on them.  Needless to say I would never ever use an agent again as the yare very lax in their idea of inspection, cleanliness and damage.  The startup contract will give you a firm idea of the sort of land lord you are dealing with so look at the detail because its there to protect everyone.  Cheap rent? No deposit? Also indications of what to expect.  

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