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Missing keys to maiblox : who is to change the lock : tenant or property manager?

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My partner and I have just moved into an amazing flat, but we have come to realise that we were not given keys to our mailbox. I emailed the property manager to ask for them and he said that a similar complaint was made in 2013. I assumed they had been found since and lost again, but apparently not : I am in touch with the previous tenants and they told me that they never had the keys either. It appears the keys went missing in 2013 and nothing has been done about it.

I need access to this mailbox because I am waiting for very important mail (my NIN amongst other), as I believe is my right as a tenant. I believe that the property manager has to change the lock of the mailbox in order for us to get the keys and access it. However I do not know what the British laws are. The keys are never mentioned anywhere in the inventory either. 

Can someone help me?

thank you

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Hi Ariel

I would have thought that if the mailbox is the place that your post is delivered and there’s no other option other than for post to be delivered there then it forms part of the property. However, I’m not a lawyer.

Take a look at your tenancy agreement and see if you can find anything that mentions the mailbox in there. Have a look at the inventory and see if it mentions the mailbox – if it does then it’s likely that it forms part of the property. Obviously the agents are going to try and avoid paying the cost so it may be a case of a fairly strongly worded letter pointing out that you can’t access your post without a key and so, just as the provision of a front door key is the landlord’s responsibility, so is the provision of a key to the mailbox.


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