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Missing Window in Room - Landlord or Tenant

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Hi All,

I came home from 10 days holiday last week and the window and frame was missing in my bedroom. I e-mailed the landlord to let him know immediately and he phoned and asked if I had left the window open while I was away. I told him I was sure I hadn’t as I specifically rememebr closing it as I was going away for 10 days and wouldn’t leave it open.

The landlord is saying that I ‘Must have’ left the window open and it was ripped off the hinges by strong winds. He is now attempting to charge me for the replacement.

My question is whether this falls under landlord responsibility to replace this window?

A board has been placed over the window by the landlord as a temporary measure.




This is a slightly grey area as accountability here is key. If you did leave the window open then you could be accountable. Failing that, it would fall under Landlord repairs.

However, if the wqindow was shut, I cannot see logically how this issue could have occured.

A friendly and frank chat is often the best way to resolve issues- and I recommend face to face rather than email every time as email conversations often spiral out of control due to misinterpretation.

The logical thing to do would be for the Landlord to claim the issue on his insurance and then you and him split the excess which (from experience) would usually be around £150 so £75 each. Window repairs can also be cheaper than many think, so it may be good to get some quotes and, if reasonable, look to split it 50/50 with the Landlord and just move on.


Hope that helps


Thanks Kristjan,


This issue is finally being resolved and I’m getting a new window today.


Just wondering if the Landlord is within his rights to refuse to claim on his insurance and charge me the full amount?



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