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Mom's possessions

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I am looking for help please? My Mom who is 83 recently went into a home due to vascular dementia. In total she had her council house for over 50 years. Before my Mom went into care my brother contacted the council about taking over the house was our childhood home. Cut long story short he ended up going to see a solicitor and now it is with the housing ombudsman. However this is not what I need advice about. I dealt with everything to do with my Moms illness I am not interested in the house but what I am concerned about is this. The council send a letter to my Moms care home giving a notice to quie which I gave to my brother he contacted the council and advised him that there was complaint that was pending with the Housing Ombudsman and advising them not to do anything until this was resolved because of this I did not do anything with my Moms house and did not take any of her belonging or possessions and mememtoes out of the house other than the clothes that she needed for the home. Today I decided to go the Moms home to get a few pictures and photo’s to brighten up her room at the carehome only to find that the council had changed all the locks and started to empty my Moms home of her possessions I looked through the letterbox and could see that they had her kitchen table on its side and the legs were broken I then looked through the living room window and they had completely emptied her living room there was nothing in there no furniture or anyhting I also found a couple of birthday and christmas cards that she had kept which were in the garden obviously thrown away I am heartbroken all of my Moms belongings gone along with mememtoes my Sons Christening robe and blanket was upstairs in my Moms house along with precious photo’s etc I don’t know what to do surely this is wrong she has not abandoned her home she had to go into a care home what have they done with all of my Moms things she had cut glass vases and glasses along with figurines and I purchased all her white goods as she could not afford to replace them when they broke I don’t know what to do and wish that I had not listened to my brother and emptied my Mom’s house. I am so upset I do not know what to do all of our memories and my Moms things being cleared out of the home she lived in for over 50 years please would someone advise me of what I can do if anything I do not care about the house I care about my Moms things and memories that I cannot replace

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Apologies for the spelling mistakes but I am very emotional at the moment

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